Judy Fuller

Judy Fuller is a Holistic Somatic Practitioner, in practice since 1990, with extensive training that includes massage, bodywork, hypnotherapy, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counseling, SvaroopaÒ Yoga and EmbodymentÒ Yoga Therapy.  Judy’s wide background allows her to bring a unique, integrative expertise to each class and private session.  Having experienced chronic back pain and illness herself, Judy is passionate about empowering others to overcome their own obstacles to a healthy, vibrant and joyful life.

Judy does this by teaching a Core Opening style of yoga that not only freed her from her pain, anxiety, and illness; but also led to more energy, vitality, and bliss.   Her students receive individual attention and propping during class, along with help developing home practices specific to their needs.  Private sessions are available for those with more specialized needs, or for those wishing to move more quickly on their healing journey.   Tel: 530-274-2635 www.yogawithjudy.massageplanet.com